About Us

Learn the craft and create your own rug, mirror, tote and wall-hanging with friends, family and loved ones. We offer a modern tufting experience at our workshop studio (T Vows Studio), located at Yonge and Sheppard, in North York, Toronto.

Traditional handmade rug-making with a modern twist.Our training includes demonstrations and hands-on practice, so that you can weave yarns smoothly through a monk’s cloth and create your own patterns with color-fields or contemporary designs. And there you’ll have your own custom rugs, tote, and any other hand-tufted textiles. No emo, just happy tufting here.

How to tuft?
A tufted piece is completed in three steps: tufting, gluing, then backing and finishing. When tufting, the work is completed on the back of the finished piece. A loop-pile machine sends yarn through the primary backing and leaves the loops uncut. A cut-pile machine produces plush or shaggy carpet by cutting the yarn as it comes through to the front of the piece. Tufted rugs can be made with coloured yarn to create a design, or plain yarn can be tufted and then dyed in a separate process.

What is tufting gun?
A tufting gun is a tool commonly used to automate the tufting process, more specifically in the realm of rug making. The yarn is fed through a hollow needle, that penetrates the stretched cloth backing for a modifiable length.

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